Baking – an emerging trend in India

An activity not usually associated with traditional Indian kitchens, baking has been on the rise over the past decade. With the urban crowd exploring international cuisines and rapidly adapting elements from the western culture, cakes, pastries and other desserts are slowly invading the Indian kitchen scene.

Earlier, cakes were constrained to the odd celebration – a birthday party or Christmas, etc. The cakes were usually sourced from the neighborhood bakery, where the choices were limited. Nobody would have known what a red velvet or a chocolate bundt cake looked like. But in today’s age of information, the boundaries have been lifted. Now, every city street corner houses a bakery chain outlet, serving up baked delicacies from all over the world to loyal patrons.

Bake and Blog

Blogging has furthered the cause of baking in India. Blogs like Passionate About Baking, Cakes and more have a healthy fan following, which speaks volumes of the popularity of baking. As recipes and photo shoots are provided in the blogs, it becomes easier for newbie bakers to try their hand and learn. Also, YouTube and other video sharing sites have enabled amateurs to pick up the nuances of this art.

After all, as celebrated baker Julia Child says, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

hands-summer-party-colorful-minEntrepreneurship Hotbed

There has been a surge in the number of entrepreneurs starting with home-based business and then setting up outlets after picking up steam. A baking business is conducive for many women, as they get the benefit of working from home. This helps them manage family expectations while working on something they are passionate about. Also, who doesn’t like to walk into a home that smells of freshly-baked choco-chip cookies or to the sights of colorfully-sprinkled cupcakes?

Here are some home-bakers, who eventually branched out to be successful, full-fledged businesswomen – Poonam Maria Prem and Priya Vijan Gupta.

Bakery Courses

Baking is an art and being a professional pastry chef is the dream of many. A lot of beginners approach local bakery institutes for short and long-term courses. Unfortunately, inadequate amenities and lack of trained instructors dash the hopes of aspirants. Also, absence of accredited courses in India has pushed many to pursue culinary diplomas in foreign institutes.

But there is a steady rise in baking courses in India, vetted by London’s famed City and Guilds. And one of India’s premier institutes in the pastry and chocolate arts scene is WHITECAPS International School of Pastry. Based out of Bangalore, WHITECAPS offers world-class infrastructure and celebrated chef instructors. There are long and short-term courses to suit the requirements of the aspirants. The intensive, 450+ hours Excellence course is for the ones intending to hone their baking skills and step full-time into the baking profession. The institute also provides accelerated programs for shorter-duration, such as Weekend Rush, for the baking hobbyists.

All in all, baking has steadily grown into a lifestyle trend in India, and the scene is going to only get hotter!

Interested in carving a space in the baking world?

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