Royal Red Prism


Raspberry Jelly

  • 255g Raspberry Puree
  • 35g Sugar Breakfast (A)
  • 8g Pectin Nh
  • 73g Sugar Breakfast (B)
  • 5g Dextrose Powder
  • 2g Citric Acid Solution

Raspberry Ganache

  • 200 g White Couverture
  • 80 g Raspberry Puree


For the Raspberry Jelly

  • Step 1
    In a saucepan pour raspberry puree. Add pectin nh with sugar (A).
  • Step 2
    Mix well. Add sugar (B) and dextrose powder.
  • Step 3
    Cook till 103°C and add citric acid solution.For the Raspberry ganache

  • Step 4
    Warm  the puree to 70°C. Pour on the couverture.
  • Step 5
    Once the couverture completely melts, blend till smooth and shinny.
  • Step 6
    Avoid bubbles. Pipe the jelly and then the ganache in the mould.


The mould should be shelled with tempered dark couverture 58%. Once you fill up the ganache, close it with tempered dark couverture 64%. You can also do cocoa butter red color spray in the mould.