WHITECAPS boasts of a stellar team.It is consisting of celebrated in-house and guest chef instructors, the proficient management team and the guiding advisory board working hand-in-hand.


Arvind Prasad – Executive Pastry Chef


Chef Samie – Director of Sugar Art


Ved Kiran – Director of Sales and Marketing


Rohit – Asst. Chef / Instructor


Richa – Asst. Chef / Cake Artist

The Chefs

The magic lies in these gifted hands, churning gourmet desserts from exotic lands.

The chocolaty meringue pie, in all its smooth, gooey splendor, the luscious caramel atop the custard in the crème brûlée, the tantalizing mini-pastries with cherries as their crowning glory. Our expert chefs have visited distant lands, mastered their boulangerie skills, served high-end restaurants, and obtained recipes handed-down generations. They have learned the art of pastry making and crafting chocolates and they are here to share their vast, intricate knowledge with you.



Co-Founder and Executive Pastry Chef

A chocolate-lover since childhood, Chef Arvind’s tryst with desserts started young.

An innovator, who is passionate about pastries and chocolates, Chef Arvind has worked with prestigious International brands such as Park Hyatt Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai, ITC Gardenia, etc. An internationally-acclaimed chef, he has won numerous awards, such as Young Chef of the Year, Best Chocolate Showpiece in the Indian Chocolate Masters 2014 event. He also has represented India in the Chocolate Star Competition held in Italy.

Chef Arvind believes that food is first a feast for the eyes, and stresses upon the importance of dessert presentation and detailing. Apart from teaching, Chef Arvind also consults with leading hotel chains, most recently, conceptualizing the dessert menu for ITC’s chocolate boutique, Fabelle.



Director of Sugar Art

Most of us know sugar as a sweetener and taste enhancer, but for Chef Samie, it is an edible material to construct marvelous creations. From white tigers to life-sized majestic elephants, Samie has crafted them all, with his exceptional skill in sugar art.

His passion lies in building breathtaking cakes that are spectacular and scrumptious. In 2017, Chef Samie was adjudged as one of India’s top 10 cake artists in the National competition held by the Cake Magazine, UK.



Asst. Chef / Instructor

Chef Rohit brings his rich experience of entrepreneurship to WHITECAPS. He has managed and navigated the real-world as a baker-cum-pastry chef-cum- businessman.

He brings to the table, management and leadership skills, in addition to his culinary competencies. This gives WHITECAPS students the variety they need to choose what befits them.


Asst. Chef / Cake Artist

While graphics and sound forging have caught her interests, what has captivated her heart is baking.

A lady of many talents, Chef Richa is a delightful addition to the WHITECAPS team. Her proficiency in baking was recently in the limelight when she was chosen as the Artistic Chef at the South India Culinary Association Competition, 2016, Bengaluru. Richa aims to enable the WHITECAPS students in reaching their goals with her artistic take on baking and beyond.





Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Sales

As the Director, Ved Kiran conceptualizes the sales and marketing strategy for WHITECAPS.

He handles the PR and branding and is also responsible for promotions of the institute too. He is also an expert in forecasting and business analytics. His vision for his first milestone is to position WHITECAPS’ baking courses as a lifestyle in India and abroad, bridging the gap between Indian baking standards and practices and the western countries, renowned for pastries and chocolate, like France and the United Kingdom.

His belief- “One has to only dream and then start to work towards that dream. Don’t stop for what the world believes unless, it is what you believe too.”