3 Feb, 2021 | Whitecaps International School of Pastry

Living Large as a Baking Entrepreneur

Indian cities and the Indian people have been steadily showing their affinity for the baked goods. The growing popularity for the bakery products stems from their rapidly changing consumer tastes and lifestyle habits. The baking industry in India is also predicted to have a forecast with a projected market value likely to exceed 12 Billion […]

Healthy baking options are real. Believe it!

Baking has always worked like a magic wand for the soul as well as the taste buds. One piece of the creamy, crumbly cake and voila, our day gets saved! It’s always a joyful sight when there is a cake in the oven. As a child there would be no count of the pieces of […]

Challenges in the Bakery Market

Ever since there’s been a surge in demand for baked goods in India, the bakery industry has seen tremendous growth in terms of opportunities, innovation and job generation. While the idea of making freshly baked goods, low barriers to entry and high profits might make you want to wrap your apron and get going, it […]

The Future of Baking in India

If you were skeptical about stepping into the world of Baking…be assured you have got a very sweet future ahead!India is fast becoming a place where baking careers are becoming more viable and rewarding. In recent years, the Baking sector has witnessed an exponential growth worldwide, with a massive number of bakers and bakeries surged […]

A Career in Patisserie

Are you fond of experimenting with exciting desserts just as much as eating them? Do you find yourself thinking of baking as not just a hobby but a passion that makes you curious about the art behind the mesmerizing desserts? Then, it’s time to take the road towards being a pastry chef. The Pastry Chef […]

The Chocolatey World of Compound & Couverture

Dreaming about a career in the dessert industry? Love everything chocolatey and can’t wait to create some masterpieces of your own? Sounds all things sweet and lovely, but before you start your adventures, it’s essential to understand the different chocolates available in the market that you can experiment with. All chocolates are broadly divided into […]

Upgrade: Skills for a home baker

People often ask us why they should pursue baking as a serious profession. To them we always reply back with the same inquisition, ‘Because everyone loves people who can make them happy, and what’s better than cakes and desserts to bring a wide smile on your face?’ Yes, baking is infectious. Apart from flouring white […]

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