Our Faculty & Campus | Whitecaps International School of Pastry

Our Faculty

Who make us the best in the business.

The Whitecaps faculty is sprinkled with a mix of celebrated in-house and guest chef instructors, a proficient management team and guiding advisory board working hand-in-hand. What’s common to them all? They’ve all got a not-so-hidden fun side to them which can come out anytime, most certainly during working hours.

Our Campus

Where we bring all the deliciousness alive!

Whitecaps Campus has everything a Professional Baker could ask for. From facilities to technology, we’ve got the cream of the crop of the Industry. Every equipment or tool you shall work on/with belongs to one of the topmost Internationally-acclaimed Brands – we have Kitchen aid Mixers, Blast freezers, Gelato churner, Dough sheeter, Professional food processors and mixer, spiral dough mixer and much more!
To make you industry-ready, we teach you how the professional set up works, the work flow, temperature zone, food safety, in our specially designed Pastry Labs, where you shall receive all the training.

Pastry Lab

Especially designed to teach French Pastry, Classic Desserts, and Modern Desserts, this lab introduces as well as trains students to work with tools and machinery that are indigenous to the French Baking industry.

Want a taste of being a student at Whitecaps before enrolling? You got it!

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