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Living Large as a Baking Entrepreneur

Indian cities and the Indian people have been steadily showing their affinity for the baked goods. The growing popularity for the bakery products stems from their rapidly changing consumer tastes and lifestyle habits.
The baking industry in India is also predicted to have a forecast with a projected market value likely to exceed 12 Billion USD by 2024. As the bakery industry grows, it is safe to say that there are huge opportunities in this sector for growth and innovation.

People from all over the country and from various fields have taken up baking professionally and have built profitable businesses by doughing what they love! Let’s take a look at some of the most successful baking entrepreneurs of India.

Jasmine Lulla, Cakes N’ Kraft
The biggest opportunities come disguised in the form of biggest disasters. Something similar happened to Jasmine when she was diagnosed with cancer. During this time, she turned to baking to drive away her troubles. Through baking, not only did she become cancer-free within a year but also began to pursue baking as a career.
Gradually, her business has grown multifolds, with a chain of 15 new Cakes N’ Craft stores, making daily sales of over 500 cakes and revenue of 8 crore. They also plan to expand to 50 stores within a short span of time and also sell cakes through their website.She specialises in making designer-crafted culinary products, premium macaroons, gift hampers, chocolate-filled savouries and gravity defying cakes.
Sheena Singhania, Pearl Boutique Bakery Cafe
Sheena began her baking journey at a teeny tiny age of eight, coming up with new and innovative treats. As a child, Sheena would spend hours in the kitchen with her mother, trying to learn the basics behind the art of baking. After completing B.Com, it was her passion that led her to pursue baking and cake artistry. She now runs her own bakery, called Pearl Boutique Bakery Cafe, named after her mother.
In all her creations, she provides great attention to detail and is able to come up with various flavours through her unique icing and cake combinations. She has also recently made a 24 carat edible gold plated multi tiered wedding cake that costs around Rs 8-10 lakhs. Her caking endeavours have also gained her a reputation. She was recently presented with the prestigious “Cake Artist of the Year 2019” and “Young Rising Chef – All India 2019” awards, which goes to show that there’s a long way to go for this baking entrepreneur!
Ila Prakash Singh, Truffle Tangles
Ila started her home baking business, without any menus or a plan and before the advent of social media. Having spent a decade working in the hospital industry helped her to work non-stop to build her business. She is meticulous with her work and ensures that everything is right from scratch. Some of her best sellers include truffle cakes, fruit cakes, walnut brownies, stuffed buns, pizzas, and her signature Mishtidoi cheesecake.
But you’d wonder, what did she do to create awareness about her home baking business? Back in the day, Ila relied on word of mouth for orders and the absence of competition. Ila also loved to participate in exhibitions and melas in and around Gurugram which also worked as a great marketing gimmick. She decided to grow her business from home so she could take care of her kids. Through sheer hard work and consistency, the orders keep on coming, making her earn in lakhs every month!
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