Cake Engineering

Themed and Speciality Cakes were once reserved only for special occasions. Fortunately, times have changed, and custom cakes of every shape and design have become the centre of every celebration. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or surprising a loved one, beautiful decorative cakes have become a primary choice.

Find your creative baking voice through our Cake Engineering Programme. Encompassing Cake Artistry in its Classic and Modern form, this comprehensive programme is designed to provide you a solid foundation in this high-growing area of baking. Whether you are an existing baker, or a complete novice, the programme is outlined to match everyone’s needs.

Learn to create mesmerising Themed Cake which hold a traditional tone, or fashionable Topical Cake for someone’s valentine. Whitecaps’s Cake Engineering Programme will equip you to craft your unique Cake Art journey, and be of great success in your choice of profession.

Who should opt for this course?

  • People who desire baking mastery
  • Hobbyists looking for professional guidance

What you’ll get?

  • Dedicated teaching from globally acclaimed chefs
  • Hands-on training with expert advice in state-of-the-art kitchen
  • Delicious results!

Course Contents

Wedding Cake

  • Master the Art of Royal Icing
  • Learn Advanced Piping Techniques
  • Introduction to Gum Paste
  • Create Stunning Sugar Flowers
  • Wafer Paper Techniques
  • Discover Hand Painting Techniques

Buttercream Cake

  • Preparing and suitably using Buttercream Icing
  • Perfecting Pressure Control, Flawless Piping, and Cornet Preparation
  • Beautiful Cake Borders
  • Basic Flower Piping Techniques for some great decorations

Themed Cake

  • Advanced Fondant Techniques
  • Aesthetically appealing Cake Toppers
  • Techniques in Cake Shaping
  • Cake Carving Techniques

Pastillage Modelling

  • Introduction to Pastillage
  • Making your own Template
  • Learn Panelling and Assembling
  • Spray Painting Techniques

Structured Cake

  • Cake Designing Approach and Technique
  • Learn how to Make the Structure
  • Learn how to Cardve Modelling Chocolate

Tea Time Cakes and Modern French Cakes

  • Basic Layering
  • Different types of Sponges
  • Layering and Proportion Techniques
  • Exciting Modern Flavours Combinations using Multiple Textures
  • Professional Glazing Techniques
  • Velvet Spray Techniques
  • Different types of Garnishes for a relishing dessert

Other details

    • Monday to Saturday
    • 10am to 6pm
    • Fees: Rs 1,40,000/-
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Fresh Cream Cake

  • Learn handling Sponge Cake
  • Tall Cakes Frosting Techniques
  • Learn how to get a Sharp Edge
  • Learn different types of Fillings

Chef’s Signature Chocolate Entremet

  • Hands on Classes on Chocolate Entremets
  • Make your own Unique Cake