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The Future of Baking in India

If you were skeptical about stepping into the world of Baking…be assured you have got a very sweet future ahead!
India is fast becoming a place where baking careers are becoming more viable and rewarding. In recent years, the Baking sector has witnessed an exponential growth worldwide, with a massive number of bakers and bakeries surged in India alone. In 2018, the bakery Industry had reached a market value of USD 7.22 billion and the numbers have been touching the sky ever since with no foreseeable downfall anytime soon. Not convinced enough? Keep scrolling!
An Ocean of Opportunities
Baking, being one of the largest FMCG industries in India, guarantees great profitability to the market players along with opportunities for business expansions, innovations and job generation, especially in the small-scale bakery sectors. So be assured, whatever bakery business you start, it’s going to fly high!
India’s Changing Palette
The consumption pattern has been evolving briskly in the last decade, with many consumers trading up to experience the new or what he/she hasn’t. Millennials in particular, are constantly on the lookout for new flavours, experiences, and innovative, quality-driven and value for money products.
With high consumption rates, another upswing is the demand for whole wheat, light, natural and additive-free products, due to the rising trend of ‘Natural nutrition’, ‘Healthy living’, ‘Organic products’ and ‘Guilt-free’ products.
Entrepreneurship meets Technology
All thanks to technology, there has been a boom in entrepreneurial endeavors in the Bakery Industry in India. Constant Technological Innovations have boosted Home Baking, which has always been a popular pursuit, with individuals now being able to monetise their efforts. And local Whatsapp groups have popped up in the process to aid the supply of baked goods.
Innovation in Celebration
Parties have received a complete makeover, with Cakes/desserts taking the spotlight. Now Parties are incomplete without a buffet of cupcakes, themed cakes, french entremets, fondant cakes, and much more. And the reason? Rise in the availability of quality ingredients for products like chocolates, toppings, creams, flavours, fillings, and hence the options for Consumers.
Many brands like Lava Cakes in Hyderabad have made inroads into the market with special, customised cakes for a host of occasions.
In an interview with DNA India, Dhiren Kanwar, Managing Director India at Puratos Food Ingredients said, “the patisserie and chocolate segment is growing at 15-18% while the bread segment is growing by 4-5%, mainly from multi-grain bread products. With the growth of the Internet and exposure of the Indian clientele who are well-travelled, the expectations are steadily rising. The demand for international desserts is increasing and this is reflected in the number of cafes and bakeries that sell popular goodies such as cupcakes, macaroons, marshmallows and gourmet desserts.”
Demand for Bakers
Baking and Pastry Chefs with world-class training and skill sets are the need of the hour, especially when a large number of hotels, airline kitchens, cafes, pastry shops and bakeries are opening up all over India.

Santosh Rawat, Pastry Chef at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel and Lakeside Chalet Marriott Executive Apartments said “The skill gap persists as far as producing world-class products is concerned. This is primarily due to a lack of infrastructure at the grassroots level, lack of trained specialty instructors, lack of right exposure, and sufficient exposure to world-class baking. Therefore it is not surprising that jobs are opening in this field at a rapid rate. Current annual salaries range from Rs.1, 27,000 to Rs.10, 00,000 depending on organizations and work experience.”

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