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9 Cake Baking Tools: You Must have While Baking

Cake Baking Tools

This blog is for everyone who loves to bake, from those just starting out to experienced bakers. New bakers can use it to build their kitchen with essential tools, and seasoned bakers can use it to organize their existing equipment. Stock your kitchen with these essential baking tools and you’ll be ready to whip up cakes, cookies, and more in no time. From mixing batter to creating delicious treats, these will be handy in the kitchen.

The list covers everything you need to tackle any desert item. So, let’s start right away!

1. Spatula

Spatula tool for cake baking

From gentle stirring to scooping up batter, a spatula is a versatile kitchen tool. It’s perfect for incorporating fluffy egg whites, combining ingredients evenly, and reaching every corner of your bowl to ensure no batter goes to waste. This handy utensil will quickly become your go-to, so choosing a high-quality one is key. Look for a spatula that’s both flexible and strong. Silicone is a great option because it prevents food and grime from accumulating where the handle meets the head. And moreover, the silicone grip provides a comfortable, non-slip hold for effortless use.

2. Plastic Measuring Cups and Spoons

Plastic Measuring cups for baking

A set of plastic measuring cups and spoons is a great way to accurately measure dry ingredients for baking and cooking, like flour, breadcrumbs, sugar, and spices. This helps ensure your recipes turn out perfectly every time. Look for cups and spoons made from sturdy plastic that can nest together to save space in your kitchen.

3. Digital Weighing Scale

Digital weigh scale for ingredients measurements

Accuracy is key in baking, which is why a weighing scale is such a must-have tool. Traditional scales with dials might not be precise enough, so professional bakers recommend digital models. These can be set to grams for the most accurate measurements and have a tare function that lets you zero out the weight of a bowl before adding your ingredients.

4. Stand Mixers

Mixer for cake baking

While stand mixers are pricey, they’re a game changer for frequent baking, especially for tiring tasks like whipping meringue or marshmallows. They offer convenience, reduced effort, faster results, and ultimately, better baked goods. If you’re serious about baking, a stand mixer is a worthwhile investment. On a tight budget, a hand mixer is a good alternative to get you started.

5. OTG Oven

OTG Oven for baking

Baking relies on a good oven for success. While microwaves can mimic convection with a special setting, they have limitations and can’t replicate true oven baking. A dedicated oven offers better browning and crispier results, especially for cakes and breads that need to rise.
If you’re new to baking, a basic oven toaster grill (OTG) is a great choice. For frequent bakers, consider a convection oven with a built-in fan for more even cooking. Choose wisely based on your needs and family size. Professionals suggest buying a slightly larger oven than you think you’ll need. The extra space comes in handy when you have guests or want to bake a bigger pizza.

6. Cooling Racks

cooling racks for baking

A stackable cooling rack lets you cool large batches of cookies or even multiple cakes simultaneously. For easy cleaning, choose a rack with a non-stick coating. To save even more space when not in use, look for a collapsible design. Ideally, the rack should be dishwasher-safe and come with a long-lasting warranty.

7. Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls

Look for a nesting set of 3 mixing bowls made of dishwasher-safe plastic. These bowls should ideally come in sizes including a 5-quart bowl, a 3.5-quart bowl, and a 1.5-quart bowl. Nesting bowls are space-savers since the smaller bowls fit inside the larger ones. Each bowl should have a built-in spout for pouring batters and sauces conveniently. A small handle will also make it easier to hold and manoeuvre the bowls while mixing or pouring. Measurement markings on the inside of the bowls will eliminate the need for separate measuring cups, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. With all these features, these mixing bowls will surely become your go-to tool when baking.

8. Aluminium Baking Pan

Aluminium baking pan

The right baking pan can make your cake or break it (literally!). There are many types, like flat trays for cookies, long pans for bread, square pans for brownies, and round pans for cakes. Aluminium pans are better than glass ones because they heat up more evenly and bake your food better. If you like making layered cakes, get two pans of the same size.

9. Fine-Mesh Sieve

Fine-Mesh Sieve

Sieves are multi-talented tools in the kitchen. Bakers rely on them to sift dry ingredients and create a light dusting of powdered sugar. They can also be used for draining liquids that contain tiny items, like quinoa, that would otherwise get lost through a colander. Additionally, sieves are helpful for removing seeds from sauces made with raspberries.

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