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Life at Whitecaps

At our institute, we make sure monotony makes no special appearances. With a wonderful bunch of activities slated all year round, being a student at Whitecaps is nothing short of relishing a roller coaster ride!

Festive Fiestas

We’re serious about making festivals fun. Yes, whether it’s Diwali or Christmas, any party becomes a spectacle not to be missed.

Bake Sale

On our anniversary, we let our students take the lead in organising in-house celebrations, games and adorning the campus. Suffixe to say, every year, they outdo themselves!

Christmas Jolly

One of our main focus areas is to disseminate the talent and managerial skills to put together a stall no one simply walks past by. On Christmas, we make our students set up stalls and exhibitions, which becomes quite a jolly affair!

Showpiece Spectacles

During the span of their course, there are quite a few occasions where students shun the syllabus, take to the canvas and express their artistic flair through mesmerising cake showpieces.

Convocation Ceremony

Convocation is an occasion to celebrate, and to celebrate we do an off campus party where students can chill and reminisce at the same time is Whitecaps exclamation mark!

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